We believe in a more efficient logistics industry
Our multidisciplinary leaders bring together the experience and capabilities in logistics, technology, and entrepreneurship. We understand all aspects and challenges ahead of the logistics industry.
Jim Handoush
CEO and Co-founder

Expert in Transportation Technology, strong track record building high-performance teams and leading multi-billion dollar organizations | 30+ yrs

Rajat Rajbhandari, PhD
CIO/CTO and Co-founder

Expert in Transportation Research, Operations, and Technology | Co-founder TruckIN Europe UG | Blockchain Speaker | 15+ yrs in transportation research
Hector Hernandez
CSO and Co-founder

Serial entrepreneur and experienced logistics executive | Board Member at World Transporation Services |
18+ yrs in the industry
Adrian Giannini
Co-Founder and Advisor

Software engineering expert | CTO & Co-founder of Fortune3 | Helped launch over 160 mobile apps and SaaS products |
20+ yrs in software development
Ricardo Escobar
Board Chairman and Co-founder

Former CIO at BHP Billiton– One of the largest mining companies in the world. Former president Cerro Matoso (Colombia) | 35+ yrs of experience in technology

Meet our Key Advisors

Our Advisory team complements our capabilities and experience, bringing with them the voice of wisdom and the critical mindset needed to realize our vision.


Diego Gutierrez
CEO and Co-founder of RSK Labs

President Bitcoin Latin America |
Founder Bitcoin Argentina
Carlota Perez
Reknown Economist

Author of “Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital”
Trent McConaghy

Ocean Protocol
Justin Banon
CEO & Co-founder Boson Protocol

Expert in loyalty programs, decentralization and token-powered network-effects business models
Dr. Cody Behles
FedEx Institute of Technology

Assistant Director, Innovation
& Research Support
Michael Zargham
Founder and CEO

David Sparks
Transcore Co-founder

Intelligent transportation systems expert
James R. Hertwig
Former President

Florida East Coast Railway
and CSX Intermodal

We aim to be the facilitating force that coordinates world logistics.

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