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Scaling carriers operations through automation

As a carrier, you know how hard it is to find and trust new customers. dexFreight solves this problem with a new level of transparency, visibility, and automation. Empowering you with the right tools and information to take your business to a whole new level by improving your productivity and cash flow.

Connected with 80% of ELD providers
Unified records and communication for every load
Automated workflows for invoicing and payment

Smart Load Selection

Find the right loads with dexFreight. Receive automatic alerts on your web browser or mobile app, once we find a match. dexFreight tenders the best loads for you, depending on when and where your truck will be available, your desired destination, and the minimum rate per mile for which you are willing to work.

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Real-time rate estimates with dexRate

Access market rate estimates on every lane, and predict how those freight rates might change in the future based on what others are charging. Benchmark your rates and boost your productivity!
Go Digital!

Take control over your back-office workflow

Pull records fast! When deciding whether to take a load from a new broker or shipper you need to have access to their most up to date information. In dexFreight, you have it all in one place, including their FMCSA profile, documents, transaction history, payment track record, credit score, and ratings given by other trucking companies.

dexFreight has the industry-first neutral reputation system. Companies and facilities gain reputation through performance-based metrics like waiting times, loading and unloading times.

Exchanging documents has never been easier! Upload your carrier packet once and share on-demand with your selected customers. Their documents are also readily available on the platform and can be easily exchanged to expedite this process.

Instant signature and sharing! Carrier-broker agreements, rate confirmation sheets, and PODs are signed electronically via your web browser or using our mobile app.

Rate confirmations are electronically signed and secured in the blockchain, so they cannot be edited without your approval. The agreed terms and conditions will self-execute using smart contracts, meaning if you deliver according to terms, your payment will be executed as agreed.

Eliminate the need for check-in calls. We are connected with 80% of the ELD providers so with one click of a button you can let the network know the position of your equipment in real-time and where your driver is relative to their HOS (hours of service) clock, for better load matching.

We don’t store sensitive private data! dexFreight uses the banking system to securely connect to your bank account so you can receive all of your payments directly. There is no need for chasing payments since they will be transferred from the customer’s bank account to yours on the exact date agreed upon and recorded in the rate confirmation.

Passion is what drives us

Invite your network

All of these features can be used with your existing customers. We have made it easy for you to invite them, and exploit the full potential of that business relationship while mutually enjoying the benefits.

We aim to be the facilitating force that coordinates world logistics.