Q1 2022 Newsletter | dexFreight

dexFreight q1 2022 newsletter

Q1 2022 Newsletter | dexFreight

Message from our CEO Jim Handoush

To the Friends & Family round investors that helped launch this company, our Seed A investors who supported us throughout the past two years, and finally, the over 900 investors that have provided their confidence through our crowdfunding campaign — Thank you for investing in dexFreight and joining us in building an open network that enables collaboration in the logistics industry.

Oversubscribed Funding Round

dexFreight successfully closed its first crowdfunding round. This effort was key toward democratizing ownership of dexFreight. The campaign had such success that it oversubscribed with thousands of dollars waitlisted.

dexFreight Network Keeps Growing

  • Total loads posted totaled 11.4M, up 42% from Q1 2021.
  • Over 2,005 carriers have registered on dexFreight, growing by 27% compared to last year.
  • Users spent 20% more on freight compared to Q1 2021.

Business Development in LATAM

dexFreight initiated the pilot phase with Hutchison Ports Mexico. The team now focuses on onboarding new brokers and carriers, testing transactions, and identifying required improvements to adapt the load handling process to the Mexican market.

We have also initiated conversations with two of Colombia’s most important port associations to plan a digital transformation within their operations.

Becoming the Technology Providers for the LoadBoard Network

dexFreight became the blockchain-based infrastructure technology provider for the LoadBoard Network. Our development team has facilitated integrations with more than 15 different load boards and 7 transportation management systems (TMS). Since its official launch on April 1st, the network has received over 200,000 loads.

From all of us at dexFreight, thank you for joining us in creating a safer and more efficient transportation industry. We look forward to keeping you updated throughout this journey.

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