Justin Banon Joins dexFreight’s Advisory Team

Justin Banon Joins dexFreight’s Advisory Team

Blockchain academic and business leader Justin Banon recently joined dexFreight, as a member of the advisory team. Justin currently serves as the CEO and Founder of Meltfactory.io, a blockchain strategy consultancy, that advises CEOs and Founders on how to architect, fund and scale disruptive blockchain ventures using token-powered network-effects business models and hybrid equity/utility/stable token funding models.

Justin previously headed-up Collinson Travel Experiences Division, a global group of loyalty rewards platforms including Priority Pass, LoungeKey and Mastercard Airport Experiences. Justin scaled this business 20x from $50 million to $1 billion revenue, through business model innovation and digital transformation.

In addition to his extensive leadership experience, Justin earned various academic accomplishments including a Master of Science in E-business & Innovation- with a focus on digital platforms, and is completing a Master of Science in Digital Currency- with a focus on token-powered network effects business models.

“We are delighted to welcome Justin, his knowledge and expertise in loyalty programs and token-powered network-effects business models is an excellent complement to our team” said Hector Hernandez, Co-Founder of dexFreight.

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