Introducing Complemento Carta Porte in dexFreight

Carta Porte in dexFreight

Introducing Complemento Carta Porte in dexFreight

Staying Compliant with the New Regulation for Transport Companies in Mexico after January 2023

Transport companies, especially haulers moving goods inside Mexico will be required to carry the Complemento Carta Porte starting January 2023. This requirement not only applies to companies in Mexico but also for US firms that transport goods across the border into Mexico. dexFreight’s platform allows US and Mexican companies to easily orchestrate their ground shipments and create the government-compliant Carta Porte.

What is Carta Porte

In May 2021, the Tax Administration Service of Mexico (SAT) published a requirement for transport companies to generate and for the carriers to carry at all times an electronic document called “Complemento Carta Porte,” or a Bill of Lading Complement. In this new document, the Mexican government will request information including, but not limited to:

  • Goods to be moved throughout Mexican territory.
  • Shipper/receiver information.
  • Specific information about the shipper and receiver locations.
  • Information about the means of transportation.
  • Information about the driver in case of road transportation.

Shipments Subject to Requirement

All cross-border shipments in and out of Mexico, as well as shipments within Mexico via all transport modes, including train, truck, vessel, and airline.

Benefits of Carta Porte

According to SAT, the following are the benefits of Carta Porte:

  • Identify the goods in detail to determine what is being transported and its routes.
  • Know the origin and destination of the goods for random verification cases that allow anticipating risks or threats in the transfer.
  • Provide information to establish strategies that guarantee traffic safety on the different routes.
  • Have elements that verify the operations carried out by the people who participate in the transfer of goods.
  • Provide elements to the public agencies responsible for the surveillance and control of passageways to verify the goods and prove their legal stay and/or possession.


Details in the Carta Porte

The detailed attributes in the Carta Porte can be found here. Transport carriers are required to generate the Carta Porte and add it to the CFDI of Income — a digital tax receipt that immediately verifies the identity and tax eligibility of a document signee. Shippers aren’t responsible for issuing the document. However, they will be responsible for providing much of the data in the document.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If the Carta Porte is not accurately completed and issued, every party could be subject to penalties, including seizure of goods, fines, and non-deductible VAT.

Staying Compliant with dexFreight

Whether you are moving cross-border goods or operating in Mexico, transport companies must comply with this new requirement.

Using dexFreight’s platform, transport companies, shippers, intermediaries, and carriers can automatically create the digital Carta Porte and print it to carry with the drivers.

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