dexFreight Updates: April 2018

dexFreight Updates: April 2018

It’s been an awesome, but intense last few months. After months of hard work, dexFreight is rocking and rolling. Kudos to all hard work by co-founders and advisors. Thanks to their commitment, we’ve achieved many things in last few months. But challenges lie ahead. Startups like any other organization need an appropriate structure to overcome those challenges.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been providing to our community, transparency with regards to the company. To achieve that, we’ve started this monthly update so that you are aware of what’s going on at dexFreight and we can keep you engaged. This is our first.


  • Successful friends and family fundraising event in March
    dexFreight campaign is live on StartEngine platform –
  • Signed a collaboration agreement with FedEx Institute of Technology.
  • Completed negotiations and onboarding of expert partners and contractors to assist with platform architecture, smart contract design and auditing for the minimum viable product as well as token economics and Decentralized Autonomous Organization governance model.
  • Welcomed Adrian Giannini and Aiden Solis as part of the leadership team
  • dexFreight now has live accounts on, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Instagram.

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Thank you for all the support and help us spread the word about dexFreight!

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