dexFreight 2022 Annual Investor Report

dexFreight 2022 Annual Investor Report

2022 marked a noteworthy year for the company as we launched our internationalization strategy, expanding into the Mexican market, and positioning dexFreight closer to the mission of becoming the coordinating force for global logistics.

2022 Year End Review

Traction Highlights

  • 4,348 freight companies registered.
  • dexFreight’s carrier network grew by 34% in 2022.
  • 2X more truckload bookings vs 2021.
  • 3X more drayage bookings vs 2021.
  • Over 4.8K containers have been booked through the network.
  • $12.8M in total freight spend.
  • More than 400 invoices were financed through our patent-pending premium service, ‘dexFi.’


Business Development

dexFreight closed the first quarter of 2022 with an oversubscribed funding round, raising $1.07M from more than 900 global investors. This investment opportunity marked the first steps toward a truly decentralized network owned by the community and its users. 


Customization of Marketplace for Mexico

Furthermore, as part of our international expansion strategy, dexFreight initiated a pilot program with Hutchison Ports Mexico (HPM), joining the organization’s digital transformation initiative to manage port operations more efficiently. This strategy served as a driver for early adoption and monetization of dexFreight in the Mexican market. HPM customers are booking close to 500 containers every month through dexFreight. We will engage with the other port terminals in 2023 to continue our regional operational expansion.

During the second quarter of 2022, our team officially announced the release of the Spanish version of dexFreight to support the growing proximity to the Latin American market. Due to the program’s success with HPM, we were approached by Asoportuaria, a port association in Colombia, to replicate the pilot at their port terminals. Our team is developing all required legal and technical features to adapt the network to the new market.


Development Services for LoadBoard Network

This year, we also partnered with LoadBoard Network, a load board aggregator in the U.S. Through this agreement, dexFreight is providing the backend infrastructure for the partner company, and has completed integrations with over 20 different load boards and TMS, reaching more than 34,000 loads per day.


 Building the Open Logistics Protocol

Since the early days, our founding team envisioned a collaborative industry, and in 2022, dexFreight began collaborating closely with a number of top freight tech firms in the U.S. to develop and market the first decentralized open logistics protocol. This initiative will incentivize collaboration among industry players, resulting in fewer empty trucks, more efficient processes, and enhanced visibility.

What to expect in 2023?

This new year, our team emphasizes generating revenue and supporting the company’s growth to benefit our customers, partners, and investors.


New Investment Round

Let’s not forget dexFreight recently opened a new investment opportunity. You can join this round by visiting our campaign page at

About dexFreight

dexFreight is a logistics market network with FinTech capabilities, for freight companies to handle shipments from booking to payment in one place using smart contracts. dexFreight connects carriers, freight brokers, shippers, and other actors of the supply chain through an open logistics network, built on decentralized protocols. For information, visit

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