Haul the right loads, bid instantly, and get paid faster

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Scaling carriers operations through automation

As a carrier, you know how hard it is to find and trust new customers. dexFreight solves this problem with a new level of transparency, visibility, and automation. Empowering you with the right tools and information to take your business to a whole new level by improving your productivity and cash flow.


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Connected with 80% of ELD providers
Unified records and communication for every load
Automated workflows for invoicing and payment

Smart Load Selection BETA

Find the right loads with dexFreight. Receive automatic alerts on your web browser or mobile app, once we find a match. dexFreight tenders the best loads for you, depending on when and where your truck will be available, your desired destination, and the minimum rate per mile for which you are willing to work. 

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Real-time rate estimates with dexRate BETA

Access to market rate estimates on every lane, and predict how those freight rates might change in the future based on what others are charging. Benchmark your rates and boost your productivity!

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Go Digital!

Take control over your back-office workflow

Invite your network

All of these features can be used with your existing customers. We have made it easy for you to invite them, and exploit the full potential of that business relationship while mutually enjoying the benefits.


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