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Automating freight broker operations

3PL operators spend most of their time finding top-performing carriers to cover their clients' loads. dexFreight has made it easier, with an advanced tool that provides visibility and automation, to book shipments faster and securely. 


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Complimentary to TMS and loadboards
Manage full/partial truckloads and drayage
Automated workflows for invoicing and payment

Smart Carrier Selection BETA 

Automatically find the right carriers for your shipments. Carriers will be recommended based on the proximity to your load, their driver’s hours of service clock, past performance, safety records, and feedback ratings. 

Open to TMS integrations!

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Online freight rates negotiation

Transparent and auditable freight rates negotiation. Receive bids from multiple carriers simultaneously and avoid over-the-phone negotiation. Bids can be checked from dexFreight's network or straight from your TMS if integrated, allowing management to have a solid view of the top line. 

online rate negotiation

Real-time rate estimates with dexRate BETA

Access to market rate estimates on every lane, and predict how those rates might change in the future based on what others are charging. Benchmark your freight rates and boost your productivity!

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Go Digital!

Take control over your back-office workflow

Invite your network

All of these features can be used with your existing carriers. We have made it easy for you to invite them, and exploit the full potential of that business relationship while mutually enjoying the benefits.


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