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About us

Our purpose goes beyond building a collaborative network platform, our approach to conducting business prioritizes our social and environmental responsibilities, and what defines our competitive advantage.


Be the facilitating force that coordinates world logistics, encourages collaboration and incentivizes a fair equitable distribution of value.



Build the universal decentralized, open-source network that enables collaboration and facilitates the coordinated movement of goods while bringing liquidity to the supply chain.


Corporate Values

  • Facts matter to us; hence, our judgment and analytical MO contributes to our differentiation and relentless force to bring the industry to its most optimal stage within the digital revolution.
  • We give importance to Personal (steep or incremental) Growth.
  • Our organization does not take success for granted. We need to be bold and move fast, learn new things every day and challenge authority while respecting individual sovereignty.
  • Our team fully embodies diversity and fairness — there is no compromise.
  • We care personally for each other, recognize our vulnerabilities, and continuously show how we care by challenging each other to become the best version of ourselves.